The scope of services performed by the team members at RealOp Investments ranges from structuring and funding multi-million dollar deals to replacing burned-out light bulbs. This comprehensive approach provides an in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate landscape and helps us ensure our assets are maintained at the highest level. Our vast catalog of services can be best categorized under the following headers.


Investment Acquisition

For every one property that RealOp invests in, there are approximately 20-30 that we walk away from. We have a very selective process that utilizes the whole team to pinpoint underutilized assets and potential pitfalls. And once our Investment Committee identifies properties we see opportunity in, there is a long list of steps we take to ensure we “buy it right.”  

Our ability to find and select high performing properties lies with our:

Experience – In addition to our personal knowledge of the neighborhoods and communities we invest in, every deal we complete gives us insight into the next, and the next, and so on.

Reputation – When we say we can close… we can close. Brokers know that. Property owners know that. Many times, they come to us with good deals first, because they know we’ll handle it right.

Strategy – We find a lot of value in middle market transactions – these are larger deals than the individual investor goes for, but just below institutional competition. We’re a nimble shop and are able to adjust our approach to accommodate for market changes.

Relationships – We’re a “Boots on the Ground” firm. We work directly with local professionals and communities. This provides us with valuable insight on current and future opportunities. 

 Investment Acquisition Team

Investment Acquisition Team

Anthony Rowland, Vice President | Transaction Advisory  BIO  864.416.7265 ext. 112

Julian J. Nexsen III, Director | Business Development  BIO  864.416.7262

Robert Carter, Investment Associate  BIO  864.416.7262

Ken Irvin, Director | Georgia Acquisitions  BIO  404.668.4937

Property Development

RealOp Investments is first and foremost an investment company. As such, we’re recognize good deals when they present themselves. And because there are times when clients or brokers require new construction, we provide development services in addition to property acquisition.

Note that we don’t do speculative development – there are plenty of other companies that are focused on that area. Our development services are ignited on the front end by existing relationships. Some clients want new construction because the existing buildings in the areas they want to expand to don’t meet their needs. Sometimes they have a branded look they need to meet, and sometimes, they just want new construction. When that happens, we find the location, manage the construction, permitting, etc. and get them moved in. Many of our development projects are fully leased before construction is complete. Development in this niche is another way for us to deploy capital that takes advantage of our core resources.

 Property Development Team

Property Development Team

Ralph Settle, Vice President | Development   BIO  864.416.7265 ext. 114

Patrick Pennell, Project Manager | Development   BIO  864.416.7265 ext. 121

Investment Management & Advisory

Imagine one runner handing off a baton to another runner. That’s what it’s like when we close on a property. The Investment Acquisition Team hands off the property to the Investment Management Team. There is an overlap when both teams are involved, and then after the handoff, the new team manages the strategic execution of each property from the time we buy it to the time we sell it.

This stage of the process is all about Management and Communication. We manage the leases and new deals along with all the third party vendors we engage to help with any repositioning efforts in accordance with our given strategy. We’re also in continual communication with lenders, debt compliance, accounting and legal. Most importantly, we act as advocates for the investors, ensuring that they are continually updated on progress and keeping them plugged in to the status of our strategic goals.

Our deep pool of knowledge and experience can, at times, benefit our clients in an advisory capacity. We share our resources to provide a detailed picture so they can more accurately map out their own plans and achieve their goals.

 Investment Advisory Team

Investment Advisory Team

W. Chip Hunt, Vice President | Investment Management  BIO  864.416.7260

Amanda Redmond, Associate | Investment Management  BIO  864.416.7260

Property Management

The tenants who rent space in the properties we invest in are less concerned with our asset strategy than they are with ensuring their lights work – that the air conditioning is on in the summer and the heat works in the winter. They want pleasing landscaping and an inviting entryway. They want to know that someone is looking out for them, and at RealOp Investments… we do.

Our in-house property management team offers a combined 47 years of experience in variety of real estate disciplines. They are dedicated to creating and maintaining strong tenant relationships throughout all of our managed properties, with a Certified Property Manager (CPM) directing and supervising all real estate management activities. (A CPM designation is issued by the Institute of Real Estate Management and is only awarded to those who meet the Institute’s strict criteria in professional education, experience and ethics.)

We maintain a versatile stable of go-to subcontractors throughout the Southeast to handle any issue in a timely manner. We provide a full menu of both proactive and reactive services to maintain the vision for each property. We provide full accounting services for each property that correctly accounts for all funds and maintains complete and accurate records. And our team stays in regular communication with our tenants, offering a personal and reassuring touch.   

 Property Management Team

Property Management Team

Amy M. Wood, Senior Vice President | Property Management  BIO  844.895.3317

Summer Johnson, Vice President | Property Management  BIO  844.895.3317

Gina Kim, Vice President | Property Management  BIO  844.895.3317

Cheyenne Miranda, Lease Administrator | Property Management   BIO  844.895.3317

 Executive Support Team

Executive Support Team

Executive Support

Megan Crawford, Staff Accountant  BIO  864.416.7265 ext. 115

Laura Moats, CPA | Controller  BIO  864.416.7265


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